Friday, November 12, 2010

May I be struck down by lightning.

I got "tagged" in NessaKnits blog.  I'm scared it runs on the same principle as one of those chain mails.  If I don't complete the assigned task I'm sure to have bad luck for the next 43 years, or perhaps all my hair will fall out, or I'll start watching netball.  Either way, it won't be good.  Therefore I shall copy and paste and do my bit.  Here goes.....

4 things that..... are usually in my handbag

1.  My mobile phone.  I can't be without it.  I need to be able to consult my shopping list, text or check my calender at all times.  I switched it off for 2 hours in the movies today and was struggling to breathe.
2.  My purse.  It has stuff I need in it, but very rarely money.  It also has a photo of Emily in it, which is handy if I forget what she looks like.
3.  Pens.  Lots of pens.  They have been stolen from various hotels around the world.  Many are broken, but they all have a memory.
4.  Lipstick.  I'm not sure why.  It's generally a colour I don't tend to wear and because the lid keeps coming off, has lots of gritty dirty bits in it.

4 things that..... are in my bedroom

1.  Ted.  That's my teddy bear.  I've had him since I was a baby and he sits beside my bed keeping guard to make sure all the evil teddy bears with stitches and one eye missing don't attack me.
2.  A full length mirror that makes me look much skinnier than I really am.  I like this mirror and will never throw it away.
3.  My husband.  He is generally on the other side of the bed.  I can tell when he's there because a sound rather like a fog horn cuts through the night time silence.
4.  Shoes.  I love shoes and if my husband didn't insist on owning clothes I would use his side of the wardrobe to store more of them.

4 things that ..... I would like to do but never did

1.  I should have kept playing tennis.  I was good at it, but had no ambition.  I'm disappointed I didn't at least give myself a chance to turn professional and become a lesbian.
2.  I would have liked to have kept in touch with a few more of my school friends.  After attending a recent reunion I realised I liked them a lot more than I realised.
3.  I would have liked to have bought that extra pair of shoes.
4.  I would have liked to write a book (and yay for me that's something I can still do).

4 things that .... you don't know about me 

1.  I have double jointed elbows.  I'm sure this comes in handy for something.  I just haven't worked it out yet.
2.  I hate talking on the phone.  It annoys me.  Those awkward silences when you're waiting for the other person to talk, or when you both talk at the same time.  And then when people ring just "for a chat".  Seriously, don't ring me unless you've got something important to tell me.
3.  I once dated a guy for no other reason than that he had a really nice car.  He ended up dumping me because I only ever wanted to go for drive.
4.  I have played strip poker......and lost.

Now, at this point I'm supposed to tag 4 people so they can play too, but tonight I feel like living on the edge, so I'm not going to.  I look forward to the next 24hrs where I'll no doubt be attacked by a black cat, struck by lightning or be forced to listen to a whole Nickelback song. 

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  1. Loved reading your answers and the hardest part of the 4x4 is finding victims to play. So don't worry about not doing that bit!!