Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is this as good as it gets?

So yesterday was the big day.  Melbourne Cup Day....."the race that stops a nation".  So they say.  I've been looking forward to this day for a while.  A fun proper girl's day out where we get to dress up in clothes we wouldn't wear any other time of year and act like teenagers.  Unfortunately the day didn't quite go to plan.  Emily had a rather large issue at school the previous day, so I had to pay her teacher a visit to confirm that she isn't quite as disturbed as her behaviour indicated.  Or perhaps she is.  Who knows.  In any case, she'll either grow up to be a stripper or a politician, so interesting times ahead.

Anyway, I got that sorted then rushed home to prepare for my big social day.  I needed to get a bit of work done first which was interrupted by the Jehovah's Witness dudes at the door.  We live a long way from anywhere, so I figure if someone wants to make the effort to come find us to talk about the Bible, then I'll listen to what they've got to say.  We always end up having a spirited discussion.  Thankfully this guy knew when he was flogging a dead horse, so he glanced in the door and commented how he loved our polished timber floors.  It was at this point I knew he'd given up on converting me and was probably going to try and sell me floor cleaner (or carpet).

Of course once I'd said goodbye to my new found friend I realised I was running quite late.  So I chucked my dress and hat on and attempted to cover up the sand fly bites on my legs.  Thankfully I was wearing a huge hat which covered the complete lack of attention to my hair and which was hopefully going to take the attention away from my chicken pox-like legs.  I pulled out my new clutch bag which I bought especially to go with the dress and shoes only to find that nothing fits in it.  Seriously, who makes a bag that you can't put anything in?  Bloody ridiculous.  So I ended up taking a 20 year old handbag cause it kind of matched, but frankly was just stupid looking. 

I made it to the restaurant and had a very enjoyable lunch with my Year 1 friends, plus two women who I didn't know.  They were Year 4 Mums which none of us knew who somehow got themselves invited.  Odd.  Anyway, one of them won the $10 sweep.  Bitch.  I won a bottle of champagne for Best Hat which is awesome.  Now the hat I only wear once a year only owes me $330.  What a bargain!

I stumbled out of the restaurant leaving the last two friends there complaining about their husband/ex-husband and wondering if this is as good as it gets.  In many ways it was a great day, but somehow it just wasn't a proper Melbourne Cup day.  My shoes stayed on all day, I didn't dance, didn't fall over, didn't catch a taxi, didn't spill a drink, didn't go to a sleazy nightclub and didn't wake up with a hangover.  It was almost an anti-climax, and I'm left wondering exactly the same thing my drunk friends were wondering yesterday.  Is this as good as it gets?


  1. Sounds better than my day. I stayed home all day and didn't get to watch a spot of horse racing. At 7 pm, I didn't even know who won the Melbourne Cup until my neigbour told me. I can't wait until everyone is at school next year. Melbourne Cup used to be my favourite day of the year bc. I used to organise all the sweeps at work, make bets at the TAB ... ahh ...the memories.

  2. Ahhhhhh..... I miss those Melbourne cup days when I was living down under, when the day at the office became a day of dressing up, drinks, food, laughter, bets and no work! Those were the good old days. Unfortunately, where I am now, we don't have such things, and even worse, definitely not when I am a full time taxi driver .... Oooops, I mean, mum!