Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Dangers of Stationery

I just hideously dismembered my finger on a stapler.  Staplers are ridiculous contraptions which never EVER work properly. Oh yeah, they're your best friend while you're clicking away at your papers, but then they turn evil when they run out of staples.  It's just like when a crocodile runs out of food and you try to give it some more (which I obviously do regularly).  It'll take your bloody arm off before you even get a chance to throw a chunk of meat at it.  Unless of course you're the Irwins, in which case you're immune to both crocodile and stapler attacks.  I refuse to believe that anyone has ever put staples into their stapler without somehow getting stapled.  Whoever designed the stapler is a sadist and should be fed to the crocodiles themselves.  And it's a stupid name - stapler.  Dumb.

Stationery can be dangerous. There are just so many things that can go wrong I can't believe it doesn't come with a warning.

Sticky tape is fraught with danger.  Have you ever stuck lengths of tape on your arm (or other body part) to use at later date?  OK, perhaps it's just me.  But I tell you, taking that sticky tape off hurts.  A lot!  And don't even get me started on double-sided tape.  That's just cruel. 

Binders are horrific.  Have you ever got your finger pinched by one of those lever arch thingys?  Yeah, well that bloody hurts too.  But no one tells you about that, do they?  Oh no, it's just a harmless folder to store papers in.

And how many times have you been left thinking you were morbidly obese because your calculator couldn't work out your BMI correctly?  See, it's not just physical pain these contraptions inflict on us, it's emotional as well!

Have you ever accidentally hit yourself on the head with a ruler?  Of course you have.  It hurts!  And then there's the old 'draw coming too far out of the filing cabinet' trick.  Have you ever been crushed by a filing cabinet draw?  It hurts too!

And don't tell me they don't make toner cartridges to deliberately self destruct as soon as you try to change them.  Toner goes everywhere and if the dust is bad enough you might even get a touch of asthma.

Don't ever buy an office chair with armrests. Notice how they design them so that when you move yourself into the table your hands get stuck between the table and the armrest?  That's no accident.

So, next time you get what you think is a simple paper cut, think again.  That paper has more than likely been recruited into the evil cult of the stapler, and if they get hold of the hole punch, you can kiss your hand goodbye.

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  1. Steer clear of any shop called Smiggle. Especially if your daughter is with you. That is very dangerous. Especially on your credit card. They sell a little too much child attracting stationery.