Sunday, October 24, 2010

You can take your poached eggs and shove em....

I like poached eggs.  I can make them at home quite easily.  In fact I'd say I'm fairly proficient at it.  I don't find them any more challenging to make than, say scrambled eggs, so when I go out for breakfast on a weekend I don't consider that the "chef" may find them in any way tricky or terribly time time consuming. 

So imagine my surprise when I was slugged an extra dollar at our local cafe this morning for the privilege of ordering my eggs poached.  Now, let me clarify, there was no disclaimer on the menu saying "cause we find poaching eggs a particularly onerous task, we are charging you $1 to turn you off ordering them".  Nothing of the sort.  I ordered, I was asked how I wanted my eggs, and then watched as the waitress pressed a button on her fancy ordering system which added an extra $1.50.  When I politely pointed out that it doesn't say anything on the menu about extra charges, she checked with one of the co-owners who confirmed that there was an extra charge of $1 (not $1.50).  Then she had to work out how to change the extra charge amount on her fancy ordering system, couldn't, and gave up.  I paid my $1 extra for my poached eggs (which were lovely) and vowed I'd order one less coffee from them next week just to stick it up them.  That'll teach em!

If you own a cafe and have to charge extra to poach an egg, you either need to put your prices up, or take a up new career cause you're friggin useless.  Surely even the little darlings on Junior Masterchef can poach an egg without cyring.

So, I just don't get it.  They are clearly proficient at cooking a poached egg, and their scrambled eggs have more than 2 eggs in them, so what's the extra charge for?  I bet they're just trying to stick it up us posh people who like our eggs done in a posh way.  Well, you're not getting away with it.......ok, well you did this time......but never again.  In future I'll dribble scrambled eggs down my face with all the other losers and you can take your poached eggs and your extra dollar and shove em......sunnyside up.


  1. The outrageousness of it all. Scrambled eggs take more ingredients .. the milk (or cream) and all that butter for cooking them in, not to mention the diced parsley or chives or whatever else they put in them ... you show them .. you just show them and don't order another coffee. Oh and do mention where this greed took place ...

  2. Just a few things:
    1) I once got charged extra when I asked for an egg white omelet... $3.00 MORE! Apparently the LESS egg you use... the more they charge? Idjits.

    2) you're freakin' hysterical! I love it!

    3) you're a fan of Harlan Coben?! How random, 'cause I've read everything he's written and, aside from one friend whose throat I've forced the books down, I've never met/known anyone to list him as one of their favorites. He's a riot, eh?

    4) you left a comment on another blog I follow (Bag Lady) right after I had posted one, so your comment showed up in my email... my curiosity got the best of me... so here I am. Quite happy about it though, because as I said- you're funny (& a very good writer)

    Feel free to stop by my blog and say hello sometime. - G

  3. I actually do not even know how one poaches an egg. I'm serious.

  4. I love random posts - and poached eggs! Somehow I stumbled on yours and Goofy Girls blogs at once and I love them both.

    If you fabulous gals would like to, we are doing a city swap (not actual cities, just swapping stuff) - you can read all about it on my blog. Even though the deadline has passed, we could still use a few more names.

  5. WTF? Charging extra for poached eggs? I wrote a long (overlong, if I'm honest) about a bad breakfast experience I had where the kitchen sent out whatever I wanted with sweet pancakes instead of muffins. Ever had eggs Benedict with pancakes? No, me either! What is it with these people?

    Maybe I should start a blog dating agency ;)

  6. What an absolute crock that is ... I've never heard of anything so ridiculous! Name and shame I say, good on you!

  7. Nessaknits put me over here! Great little blog. Keep it up.

    I would question said cafe's authority to charge more for poached eggs when there's no indication on the menu. Don't pay the extra next time.


  8. Visiting from Nessaknits. Funny post, thanks for sharing. Charmaine